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Uncover the True Value of Your Home with ATFRP

Rates vary based on the type of appraisal, location, estimated value, and other factors. Once you request an appraisal, we'll provide you with a quote for the completion of the report. The appraisal process will begin once approved. Contact us today for more information.


Full Appraisals

Get an objective estimate of the value of your residential property with a Full Appraisal from ATFRP Ltd. Our accredited appraisers will conduct an interior and exterior inspection of your property and take into account its condition, surrounding infrastructure, and current real estate market trends to provide you with a detailed report.


Desktop/Drive-By Appraisals

For a more convenient and quicker option, consider a Desktop or Drive-By Appraisal from ATFRP Ltd. Our appraisers will either complete the appraisal remotely or visit the property to take photos of the exterior condition. You'll receive a report in a timely manner that provides an estimate of your property's value.


Market Rent Appraisals

Get an estimate of the market rent of your residential property with a Market Rent Appraisal from ATFRP Ltd. Our appraisers will use market data and analysis to provide you with an estimate without the need for an inspection or exterior viewing of the property.


The Appraisal Process with ATFRP Ltd. - Expertly Tailored to Meet Your Needs

  1. Request a Quote

  2. Connect with Appraiser

  3. Receive Free Quote

  4. Order Appraisal

  5. Arrangements for inspection/supporting documents

  6. Receive Detailed Appraisal Report

Contact us today to get started with a trusted and expert appraisal of your residential property in the Greater Toronto Area.

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